Informatica Cloud Test Data Management For Salesforce Webinar

The first difficult aspect is the truth that Salesforce gives this API as an asynchronous API. Even though Salesforce offers on platform Apex developers a indicates to query some of this data (a subset of the Metadata API coverage) through Apex Describe, it does not as but provide a means to manipulate this metadata from Apex natively.

Important NOTE: This library contains a pre-create version of the Metadata API, you only need to have to comply with these actions if the version of the Metadata API you want is not reflected in the repository at the moment or if you have modified the patcher script to customise it for your personal demands.

Grab the Consumer Key and Customer Secret soon after making application, save them, ahead salesforce metadata API of we move on. Now we can use these credentials to authenticate the api-user and get API Token, as soon as we have API token the final step would be to access the API to pull data we want.

Awesome, so we have the access to API now, lets us kickstart with Salesforce Analytics API and pull a report particulars, salesforce analytics api can be used to bring all analytics of transaction you created on prime of salesforce, lets say you want to represent data by pulling from a Salesforce report in type of Chart/Dashboard primarily based on javascript, you can use Analytics API to pull data.

Jump in here on documents for Salesforce Analytics API (using REST) and have a look how you can pull the report metadata by providing the report Id. I created a matrix report on Chance and I’ll use the report ID to pull metadata of this report.